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Ahmed Haracic

Just a wizard though; incomplete.

About Me

I'm a full stack developer and a highschool student, i prefer backend development, though I'd say I'm fairly skilled at both. I have about a year of proper developer experience under my belt, and have so far come to like react, nodejs, and

I'm greatly interested in math, philosophy, and music.
If you want to talk about any of these things feel free to send me a message.


This is a smol part of the stuff i'm working on.

Various Private Projects


cute chat app


This section has become obsolete over time, so here's my resume!

My Resume

Things i like

I have a lot of interests aside from academics, here are some of them:

Music (jimi hendrix, pink floyd, etc.)



Playing Guitar

Math & Statistics

Services I offer

(contact me for pricing details)

[Anything software]

Backend Web Development

Frontend Web Development

Google Analytics

Instagram Analytics

Some of mi frens and their sites

xSlendix (stoopid name)